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- Apr 11 2021 - 4:04pm

How to sell Giftcards in Nigeria

A gift card is also known as a gift certificate, or gift voucher that is prepaid and stores value, It is usually issued by a retailer e.g, a fashion or e-commerce store or a bank. Gift cards are to be used as an alternative to cash for purchases within a particular store or related businesses.

For example Amazon, Asos, iTunes, Google Play Store issue Gift cards that can be bought and gifted to another party to redeem in exchange for value stores. In some cases, people who are gifted these Gift cards prefer not to redeem it with the company, by buying a product, but to exchange it for cash.

This is where Pandar comes in.

Pandar helps you manage your digital assets, and since Gift cards are a store of value, we cover this as well.

Pandar users in Nigeria and Ghana can exchange their Giftcards for cash directly on the Pandar App.

We update Giftcard rates by the hour here, always check new rates.

To get started with your Giftcard exchange, download and register on the Pandar App for Android and iPhone.

Navigate to the Giftcard section of the App and follow the following steps:

1. Swipe to select your Giftcard type e.g: Amazon, Steam, Walmart, Footlocker etc

2. Select your Giftccard category. The category depends on the following:

  • The country where the Gift card was issued 

  • Is it a physical card or eCode, i.e. Electronic Giftcards

  • The price range of the gift card e.g ($100 to $500)

The current rate per dollar of the particular Giftcard is displayed.

3. What is the value of the Gift card that you want to exchange? Our system will automatically calculate and display the Naira equivalent of that value.

For example, A $250 Google Play USA Ecode Giftcard is worth NGN62,500 at the time of this writing.

4. It takes only a few seconds to get the chat interface ready.

5. And voila: You are on to Toyor, Pricy or Tola, our Giftcard Moguls, who will help you trade your card. They typically reply under 5 minutes.

6. Payment for your Gift card exchange is made directly into your Naira or Cedis account. No delays. Our transactions are safe and secure, and as we always say on Pandar, we dey for you, any day, any time.

Start trading now on, check out our reviews on Playstore or visit our Instagram.