Pandar frequently asked questions


How to register on Pandar Registration on Pandar Exchange is very smooth and seamless. All it takes is three minutes and your account is fully set-up. We would need you to supply the following details: Unique username, valid email address and a strong password.

What days of the week does Pandar exchange operate? At Pandar Exchange, we work 24/7 and this is why people refer to us as a customer-centric brand. At any time of the day or week, we are always available.

What Gift Cards can I sell on Pandar Exchange? We trade various Gift cards on Pandar exchange like iTunes, Amazon, Mastercard, Visa, Google Play, OneVanilla, Sephora, Walmart, eBay, Nordstrom, Steam and many others.

What is the minimum trade amount acceptable? For trading, we do not accept amounts below $20

Where can I sell my Amazon gift card in Nigeria? At Pandar exchange, we are open to all trades in Nigeria. We are swift and reliable. Also, we accept Amazon cash and Debit receipt

Where can I sell my gift card? You can trade your giftcard with Pandar exchange. We provide a super-convenient means for you to trade. You can use our mobile app or visit our

After a Giftcard trade, how fast can I get paid? When the card has been completely processed, payment happens instantly.